Why Flutter will change Mobile Development for the best?

Why Flutter will change Mobile Development for the best?

The current scenario

With time, technology is evolving very rapidly. In a matter of a few decades, we successfully covered the journey from brick and mortar buildings to the computer systems and are now leaping in full swing towards the power of smartphones.

As we are bringing in changes to the way we lead our lives, we are getting closer to the technology each day, so much so, that it has become an inevitable part of our lives.

This has also impacted the way businesses operated. As the target audience has conveniently made a move from the offline markets to online shopping, businesses too are eyeing to seize this opportunity at its best.

They have moved from the offline stores to online E-commerce portals, but now are taking even a step further with the mobile application, to get an edge among the competitors.

With the fast-paced modern lives, where everything has to be done on the go, smartphones have fulfilled this demand to a major extent. That is why, smartphones have become the lifeline for the modern audience, who wants everything just at a click.

A Study from Statista shows, that the monthly global mobile data consumption has gone more than double in the last two years from 11.51 exabytes in 2017 to 28.56 in 2019. This is projected to grow more than thrice in the next 3 years until 2022.

Source: Statista

With such exponential growth in the global use of mobile internet, we can clearly infer ,that the next big place to reach the target audience is via smartphones using a high performing mobile application.

Are you still waiting to get a mobile app for your business?

Don’t miss the opportunity and make a quick move to the mobile application platforms to expand your reach.

This is where Flutter comes to your rescue.

With the two major mobile application platforms namely Android and iOS, and both having a large set of audience, you cannot afford to miss any of these platforms. And thus, thinking conventionally, you would need to build and maintain two separate apps for these platforms.

But, with Flutter, you save it all. Only a single app development with Flutter can help you build a highly professional mobile application, that is cross-platform compatible and works well on both the platforms.

This makes Flutter the future of mobile app development.

Let us explore this in detail to understand why Flutter will change mobile application development for better.

Flutter: The wave of change in mobile application development

Flutter, which is an open and free cross-platform mobile application development tool backed by Google, is changing the way cross-platform compatible apps were developed.

Here are the reasons why Flutter will bring in change in the mobile application development for better:

  • Cost efficiency

Flutter helps you save costs in many ways as it is open and source and free to use. Moreover, you can optimize the use of resources and infrastructure with Flutter as it provides amazing features over the conventional Native mobile application development.

  • Saves resources and time

Now that you don’t have to build separate apps for iOS and Android, you end up saving resources and time that is required in the development, deployment and maintenance of two separate apps.

Rather, you can concentrate them towards building a single app which is more refined and mature in terms of performance and user experience.

  • Makes the development cycles shorter

With a rich catalogue of numerous tools that are available, you do not need to code each of the components from scratch. This makes the development cycles shorter, where your product can hit the floors with very less time than the conventional mobile application development.

  • One code for two platforms

You can build apps for both the iOS and Android platforms using a single code in Dart, using Flutter. It helps you target your audience on both the platforms with ease, using consistent applications for both the platforms by just coding it once.

  • Offers Smart development of Mobile applications

Hot Reload feature of Flutter, lets you witness real-time changes immediately to get you an idea of how would they look like on live application. This helps you experiment better without the need for multiple iterations.

Also, it helps you with syntax errors by correcting it automatically in its smart editor as per the standard definitions of functions. This way it reduces the number of errors in the code before the execution itself.

  • Help make MVP that is impressive

Flutter with its amazing features and ready-made widgets and plugins offers the best MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that you can have. With high performance and functionality, Flutter offers MVPs that never fail to amaze.

  • Provides Apps with more functionality

Flutter offers a large number of widgets, tools and plugins that lets you provide over the top highly functional apps. Combining these widgets together, helps you build apps that provide a wide range of advanced functions keeping your target audience hooked to your application.

  • Provides Apps that have a beautiful UI

It helps you make apps that not just functionally sharp but are equally beautiful. With tons of options to choose from, you can make an impressive UI that enhances customer engagement, delivering the user experience which is par excellent.

  • Fast paced evolution backed by open source community

Flutter is an open source platform that is backed by the developer community and Google. This makes the evolution even faster with more and more enhancements coming in shorter spans.

Flutter’s quick success and huge fanbase that includes both startups and fortune 500 companies alike, is the evidence for its fast development and evolution, giving hopes of its potential to change the future for good.

On a closing note

With these revolutionary features, Flutter has already proved its mettle in a matter of few years since its inception. Having the support of such a strong community, one can expect a lot more in the store, which is yet to hit the market.

This strong potential speaks for a promising future, that forecasts a bright future ahead for both the Flutter and the mobile application development.

If you too are planning to seize the opportunity, then take the plunge and get an edge over your competition by building a cross-platform mobile application for your enterprise using Flutter.

At Citrus Leaf, we have been working on Flutter since its inception and have delivered some amazing mobile apps for our clients. Having an exciting idea, feel free to contact us at hello@citrualeaf.in and we shall be obliged to assist you in realizing it by delivering a high-end mobile application.