Top apps built in Flutter

Top apps built in Flutter

Flutter ever since its inception has gained a lot of traction due to the amazing features and performance it has delivered, which has impressed the developer community massively. Within a short span of time, Flutter has managed to build a huge fan base. Both startups and fortune 500 companies alike have been migrating in large numbers to this newly released open source cross-platform application development tool.

To witness the much talked about capabilities of Flutter and have a look at its performance, here are the top applications that are built using Flutter:

Xianyu App by Alibaba

Alibaba, which is the world’s biggest online commerce company, has leveraged the capabilities of Flutter to create a beautiful app experience for Android and iOS. Xianyu app, the emerging second-hand online marketplace in China, which has already crossed 50 Million downloads, with over 200 Million registered users is successfully built using Flutter.

Intrigued by the high FPS and smooth UI of Flutter, Alibaba group decided to quickly take the plunge and develop their Xianyu app using Flutter.

Google Greentea

Greentea, which is Google’s internal CRM application, is also built using Flutter. It has everything from the rich visualizations to a great UX that has helped the team manage their sales targets and progress in an efficient way.

Google Ads

The famous advertisement platform of Google provides its users with the ability to run their ad campaigns smoothly on their smartphone. This has not only enabled them with the rich visualizations and functionalities of Google Ads but has also provided the advantage of mobility to its users.

It showcases many functionalities such as the real-time alerts and notifications, lets the users call Google expert, acts on the suggestions to enhance the ongoing campaign, adds, edits or removes keywords, and a lot more. ††

SG Bus Tracker

SG Bus Tracker is a bus tracking app that is built using Flutter. It tracks the local buses arrival in Singapore, using bus timing database directly from Land Transport Authority of Singapore.

It has a customizable and rich UI, where it offers appearances in Light, Dark & Colorful themes, letting the users choose whichever they want. It Lists nearby bus stops that are serviced by SBS, SMRT, Go Ahead, and Tower buses.

SG Bus tracker provides its users the provision to mark the bus stops as favorites for a better and quick access. It shows color coding for the seat availability, with Green for Vacant seats, Yellow for standing available and Red for limited standing space for the bus.


Reflectly is a beautiful journal and mindfulness app built in Flutter, that is driven by Artificial Intelligence.  Its amazing UI impresses the users, making the daily journaling more interesting. It is the personal mental health companion, which helps its users reflect on their daily thoughts and issues.

It allows its users to create stories in their personal journal, where it offers a set of few questions every day to reflect the day. Reflectly also offers advanced statistics to determine the behavior pattern of the user, along with actionable insights.

Hamilton Musical

Hamilton is the official app of Broadway musical built using Flutter that includes a lot of features for its users. This app includes several features such as daily lotteries, exclusive news, videos, trivia game, merchandise store and lots more.

It has a branded native design that is consistent on both the iOS and Android, which makes it even more rich in terms of the user experience it delivers to its end users. With lot many features, and rich visualizations, Hamilton is surely an app which has successfully engaged its users and has been among their favorites.

Top Goals

Top Goals is a fully customizable football app built using Flutter. It offers rich UI and high flexibility, where the users could create their own theme, follow their favorite football teams live.

It lets the football fans create their polls, comment their predictions, get the latest news about the sport, get the live updates of the ongoing games, rankings table, and forum where they can engage with fellow football fans. All this offers a high user engagement, making it a favorite among the football enthusiasts.


Flydirekt is an app built using Flutter for standby travelers. This app gives live and detailed information about availability forecast, destination, and routes, exact loads of the airlines through its amazing UI.

Abbey Road Studios Topline App

Topline is the first app from the famous Abbey Road Studios. This app which is built in Flutter is meant for musicians to capture their song ideas on the move. It helps the artists to record the songs, where they can share files, sing over the imported tracks, add lyrics and a lot more with just a single app.

Its amazing features and a rich UI makes it a favorite among the artists who like to sing and record on the go.


InKino is an app made using Flutter, which is dedicated to searching for the movies and showtimes in the Finkino cinemas. This app which uses Dart has 40% code sharing between the Flutter and the web.

InKino happens to be multiplatform Dart app which showcases Redux. While Android and iOS apps are built using a single Flutter code. The web app is made using AngularDart, making it one of its kind applications.

InKino lets its users book and buy tickets by going through the details of the ongoing movies in the Finkino cinemas. Its rich UI and detail-oriented approach make it one of the favorite movie ticket booking apps.

Trinity College Orientation Application

Trinity College Orientation Application is an app built using Flutter that has been created for the Trinity College at the University of Toronto, to accompany the first year students during their orientation week. The best part of this app is an engaging and rich UI that has powerful animations and card transitions.

It has a detailed schedule of events, interactive maps, miscellaneous information with a Q&A system that assists the new students in the most engaging and effective manner.


Watermaniac a lightweight simple yet effective app built using Flutter that aims to track and log the daily intake of water and fluids. It has a beautiful UI and engages its users with constant reminders to drink water, whenever they fall short of the expected water levels.

SpaceX Go!

SpaceX Go! which is an unofficial open-source SpaceX tracker, has been built for the mobile platforms using Flutter. It is an interesting app with a rich UI that allows its users to check both the past and upcoming launches, portfolios of the vehicles, and a roundup of the company.

It is highly simple and subtle but an interesting app dedicated to space and astronomy enthusiasts, which aims to give them regular bytes.

Weight Tracker

Weight Tracker is a simple weight tracking app built in Flutter. It is a lightweight app that is cross-platform compatible in nature. It aims to help people trying to manage their weight do it in an efficient manner.

This app has a rich UI that makes it very user-friendly. It keeps a log of your daily weight and plots graph to show insights into the progress of your weight management journey.

Platypus Crypto

Platypus Crypto is an ad-free cross-platform app that is built in Flutter, which aims at tracking the various cryptocurrencies. It has an intuitive interface that includes real-time graphs for a week, the current prices, market caps and the percentage change over time.

It has various features such as rapid sort, search and refresh, along with several other customization UI features that make it one of the most desirable apps among the cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

On a closing note

With these Top 15 Apps that are built in Flutter, we can clearly infer that Flutter offers a fleet of widgets that can be leveraged to develop beautiful and highly functional apps that are cross-functional, without burning a hole in the pockets.

But the catch is, one has to trust skilled developers that are capable enough to make beautiful apps using this fairly new technology for your business.

CitrusLeaf is one such company that has been working on Flutter since its inception. Having developed some of the most beautiful and highly functional apps for the businesses using Flutter, we are looking forward to helping you build an amazing app for your business.

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