Free Resources that can help you learn Flutter

Free Resources that can help you learn Flutter

Flutter has already proved its mettle in mobile application development with some of the most efficient apps that were built using Flutter. Now it is high time that we start leveraging this revolutionary app development platform to benefit organizations by building low-cost and high-performing applications using Flutter.

If you are a beginner and think that learning Flutter could be a great challenge, then rest assured, it is a smooth learning curve that can help you accelerate your skill set.

Flutter is build up of Dart programming language, which is very easy to learn even for the novice coders. You do not require any prerequisites to learn it in good capacity. Dart, which is a class-based, and object-oriented language makes it simple to develop modern structured apps.

These apps could be built at any scale be it a small scale simple app or large scale multi-functional app. As Flutter has announced its expansion to the web platform, you can compile Dart script into JavaScript for using the same on any modern browser platform.

Flutter has proven the fact that JavaScript could not have a monopoly on web application development for a longer time. It is due to the fact that Flutter can assist in both the server side and the client side for building an application of any scale, that makes it a considerable option among the developers even for the web application development.

All these reasons together make it a good decision if you are planning to learn and advance in Flutter.

But, before you take the plunge into learning Flutter, here are some of the best Free Resources that could be helpful for you in learning and advancing in Flutter:

  • Flutter’s official documentation

Getting Started (Installation):

Flutter Official Documentation:

Flutter Tutorial:

Dart Resource:

This is one of the most authentic and primary sources of learning Flutter. Going through the original documentation would help you gather some of the key learning points that are important for advancing in Flutter.

But what makes it the first choice, is the fact that the official documentation of Flutter is not only very clear and legible but effective as well. This makes is good enough for a beginner to understand the nitty-gritty of Flutter.

Since Flutter is an open source platform managed by the Google community, you can always check the documentation out for any latest updates. Additionally, you can see its source code on Github to learn better.

Flutter Source Code at GitHub:

You can even learn Flutter with ease, if you have a sound knowledge of other platforms like Android, iOS, React Native, etc.

Flutter for Android devs:

Flutter for iOS devs:

Flutter for React Native devs:

Flutter for web devs:

Flutter for Xamarin.Forms devs:

  • Google Codelabs for Flutter

Google Codelabs for Flutter:

Flutter Codelabs:

Google Codelab tools on GitHub:

Google Codelabs helps you get a hands-on experience, where you can learn how to code for Flutter.

Here you can choose each of these coding tutorials to get the best coding hands-on experience for specialized areas in Flutter.

  • Blogs on Flutter

Flutter official Medium blog:

Flutter Community Medium blog:

FlutterHub blog:

These blogs are a good source to keep you updated on Flutter with some of the most valuable information that could help you advance in it. You can learn some of the tips, tricks and upcoming features of Flutter on these blogs that come straight away from the Flutter open source community.

The articles published on these blogs carry credible information, which could be a great learning resource to keep yourself updated with any upcoming advancements.

  • Video tutorials on Flutter

Flutter official YouTube Channel:

Learn from the masters. Watch some of the best video tutorials on Flutter’s official YouTube channel to make the learning much smooth and easy. Apart from the tutorials, this YouTube channel also has videos on the top apps that were built using Flutter.

They update the videos on the latest conferences on Flutter, the top widgets and Developer Stories that make it a wholesome well rounded learning experience for you.

  • Podcast on Flutter

It’s All Widgets! Flutter Podcast:

Actively managed by the Flutter Community, this podcast is hosted by Hillel Coren. It features some of the amazing developers from the Flutter Community, where they talk about their individual learning experiences with Flutter.

This podcast could be a good listening source for the Flutter enthusiasts who are on the lookout to get more insights on Flutter.

  • Flutter Community Resources

It’s All Widgets! Flutter Resources:

It’s All Widgets! Apps built in Flutter:

It’s All Widgets! Which is a portal managed by Flutter is a collection of Apps that are built using Flutter. This portal is actively managed and has some of the great learning resources for free that can help a Flutter aspirant learn and advance their skills.

In a nutshell

Flutter is the future of app development, and it is a decisive choice to invest oneself in learning this revolutionary skill that has the power to change the app development for good. Finding good resources could be a tricky task, but not anymore, with the list of free resources that are mentioned above, you can easily learn and excel in Flutter.

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