Flutter: 5 Reasons why you will love it

Flutter 5 Resion You Love IT

How often have you seen people around you doing their daily chores at a click on their smartphones? Well, most of the times! When everything right from ordering food, reservations, booking a cab or buying groceries, is just a click away with your smartphone, using them have become just the most obvious way. And thus with time, smartphones have become an inevitable part of our lives.

But do you realize what makes the smartphones so much powerful? It is the fleet of mobile applications that enables them to help you anywhere anytime.

Mobile applications have leveraged the technology for making daily chores easy on the go with the help of smartphones. This has not only made the mobile applications popular among the folks but at the same time, it has also made them significant for the businesses who are seeking to reach out to a wider audience.

With so much that relies on mobile applications, their performance and reception remain a major point of concern while developing them for optimum results. Developing high performing mobile apps requires precision and good presence to target a larger audience.

Platforms like Android and iOS who have their own set of audience that needs to be tactfully targeted so as to have an overall impact on the market. Development and maintenance of the same application individually on different platforms need both higher costs and efforts.

This is where cross-platform app development tools like Flutter come to rescue.

Flutter, which is a free and open source framework offers you to create feature-rich mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. Backed by Google, Flutter is one of the most sought after cross-platform app development platforms that have impressed the developer community in a short span of time.

If you have yet not had an encounter with the Flutter, check out the 5 reasons why you will love it too:

1.Open source platform

After all who does not love to get the best services for free! Flutter is free and open source. You get the best user-friendly SDK platform to build a high performing mobile app that is secure and robust.

Flutter is a result of efforts from some of the ace developers in the community backed by Google, that has led to constant improvement and a fleet of features.

2.Widgets that make a high-end app

Flutter offers a wide range of widgets that are beautifully cataloged to ensure that you build a highly functional app without any hassles. With the tons of tools, plugins, widgets, and packages that are readily available, you get a variety of options to choose from for your app. This gives you a lot of room to experiment and offer better features to your end users.

3.App for iOS and Android with a single code

Flutter helps you make a consistent app for both iOS and Android platforms using a single code. You do not have to write two separate codes for the two platforms: iOS and Android. A single code does it all. It saves time, efforts and resources, making testing and development lot easier. It reduces the efforts you have to put in for maintaining consistency of the app on the different platforms.

4.Smart Editor Integration

Flutter provides a smart and edgy editor integration with Android Studio and Visual Studio Code. These editors are highly effective and enhances the developer productivity by several folds. It helps you with smart completions that are based on the function definitions, variable types and imported modules so that you get over the syntax errors. Since Flutter itself is hosted on GitHub, these editors have excellent features to use Git easily.

5.Better Performance with faster development

Flutter offers Hot Reload, that enables you to see the changes immediately on your device, during development. This lets you understand if you are getting desirable results or not while adding any new feature. It makes the development faster with shorter development cycles as you can use readily available widgets and do not have to code from scratch.

Dart is one of the most productive languages that has accelerated the development process with faster development cycles. With the release of Dart 2.1, you can enjoy some of the amazing features such as int-to-double conversion, compile time type checks, faster tools, new mixin syntax and support that have made it favorite among the developer community.

On a closing note

Flutter with its amazing features and benefits has made it impress the developer community in such a small time span. People have already started to make a move to Flutter, including even the bigger enterprises. This overwhelming response has made Flutter one of the best cross-platform mobile app development tool, making everyone simply love it.

In addition to these 5 reasons, you have another reason that makes Flutter lovable. Dart, the programming language of Flutter is easy to learn and master with simple documentation, clearing all the doubts over its complexity, if you are skeptical about it.

If you are looking towards the future of app development, then Flutter is the way you should head to for developing the app for your business.

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